Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #142 8/12/2007

#142- Missouri church shooting (Watt Thoughts)

I just saw news on shooting at church in Neosho and realized that is where the Daisy Outdoor Products manufacturing plant in the cave is.

The picture of me on my web page of me in front of the world's largest flower box reminded me. It is a small town in Eastern Missouri (about one hour from Bentonville/Rogers Arkansas, Rogers is Wal-Mart). I went there two years ago an viewed the Daisy plant there where they assemble BB and pellet guns. The plant itself is literally located in a cave in a large hill and is complete underground with rail service to the warehouse in the cave. The cave is manmade, they mined limestone I think it was out of there and they are large rock pillars supporting the top which is the hill. It is the most unique manufacturing plant I have visited anywhere in the world. Three other plants are also located in the same hill cave. The community had a nice downtown square and small cafe I ate in.

My thoughts and prayers are with that community as with most small communities like it I suspect everyone in town knew someone wounded are killed. I have not heard if I knew any of them or if any were Daisy employees. It is a small world today.



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