Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #141 7/6/2007

#141- Thoughts and Observations (Watt Thoughts)

Different things I have observed or experienced in the recent past.

Have you ever noticed the higher price the hotel the more likely you will be charged for Internet and parking? And the price for both goes up with the price of the hotel. Stay at a Super 9 or other $50 or less a night hotel and you get Internet access and parking for free. Send $150 a night or more and you have to pay $10 or more a night for parking and Internet. If Internet is free at cheap hotels then it for sure should be free at expensive. I realize argument on parking is the difference in cost of land

Listening to ads on XM radio for the 60s station which is channel 6 I am enjoying them playing the jingle for WPGC. It was the radio station I listened to in high school and college in Washington. They play the part of Good Guys Radio with the jingle which was more the AM and I remember WPGC FM always said Sunrise after the letters which puzzled me when they used in afternoon and night. Recently I learned Sunrise is the actual community in Prince Georges County where located. I won a pair of Levi jeans and tickets to a concert and also to movie premier from them.

Speaking of XM and WPGC, XM has distinctly brought back memories for me as they play Casey Kasemís old shows (ad free) twice a week that I used to hear when originally played on WPGC on Sunday mornings.

Have you ever noticed the excuses on oil prices going up conflict? They claim many times this year it is because refineries are running at 90% or less of capacity. Last year they went up because refineries were running at 95-98% capacity. I think probably better this year as when one gets damaged or maintenance (they put off maintenance after Katrina and it is having to be done now) we have some spare. Ever notice if threat of strike in Nigeria price goes up dollars over 3-5 days and hen strike threat gone it only drops a $1. Irrational exuberance it appears to me, Greenspan used those words about stocks in about 1998.

I have been amazed over last two years the number of articles I have read that says it horrible that Florida will get hit by hurricanes now and that it is caused by global warming. Some even written by Floridians. You would think no hurricane ever hit the US before Rita and Katrina and others that year. Does anyone remember Andrew, highest cost hurricane in history until Katrina it literally wiped out south Florida. Hugo hit South Carolina and Georgia in 1989 and did major damage. I can still show you the area in mountains in Virginia damage by Camille in late 1960s, even remember stream, that ran through church retreat center when we were there and it hit, becoming a river, at Massanetta.

I bought an off brand replacement battery for my digital camera on clearance at Wal-Mart earlier this year. It did not work in camera but looked right and was right number and voltages. Manufacturer replaced it without question for me (my only cost was shipping old back) and new was same. For some reason as I tried it again the other day and did not work I got mad and thumped the battery on desk. Stuck it in camera and have shot about 500 pictures using it since and recharged several times. I cannot explain.

About 70000 miles ago the transmission idiot light came on in my Saturn, initially for short periods and then stayed on, and has stayed on continuous for at least 60000 miles. It is really showing to shift, but I have an automatic. Had transmission fluid and filter changed, no affect. Last Friday I noticed car looked to be running a little warmer on Interstate, still below half point, and when I stopped by house checked radiator fluid. It was hard to tell if low but got flashlight and it did need and added a good bit, garage that changes oil always looks, but I am guessing he did not realize low with darkness in container. I pulled out from apartment and realized three miles up road the transmission light was out. Thought it must have finally burned out, so watched a few miles further when started after getting gas and it came on during test. I have driven couple thousand miles since and still not come back while driving and car is cooler on gauge. Explain what relationship is between transmission idiot light and radiator fluid.

Just in case you do not know I have a 2001 Saturn with 213000 miles on it and I drove from Florida to San Antonio Texas this week and will head home in morning to Georgia. It is my low mileage car. My other car is a 1986 Skylark with 276000 miles on it.

Twice last week I had computers brought to me that were in the blue screen restart cycle with Windows logo, blue screen quick and restart. The first person did not know what caused. The second was from surges of electricity in Swainsboro when they dropped flag pole they were taking down at old police station on power lines (no one was injured). I knew when an older virus/spyware caused in past running CHKDSK /R at Recovery Console would fix. However this case Recovery Console was finding system not on C but a different drive. Running CHKDSK /R C: at Recovery Console fixed both. To get to Recovery Console get your Windows XP disk and boot from it. It will install a bunch of drivers and then get to screen and ask you to press Enter to Install or press R to go to Recovery Console. Choose R. It will then list copies and locations of Windows XP found. Usually only one listed. You must enter the number of the one you want and then press Enter. Just pressing Enter will reboot machine. Then you will get to a DOS prompt and simply enter CHKDSK /R C: there. The space before and after /R must be entered. (more than one is ok). It will run a good while, could be an hour or more. Then when back at prompt (drive directory >) press your reset button or turn computer off (hold button in for 10-15 seconds) and back on and this will probably solve. One or more bits had been damaged and repaired in the system partition. Quite often will solve.

Interesting little insights and things I have learned



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