Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #136 2/15/2007

#136 - Job announcement

I accepted a position today to teach database in the CIS curriculum at Northwestern Technical College in Rock Spring, Georgia. It is located between Dalton and Chattanooga off I-75 so in NW part of Georgia. I will begin the job on 3/12/2007. I will be back in the technical college system of Georgia (DTAE) that I have taught at four schools for in different areas of CIS (computer programming, microcomputer specialist (computer support, networking and data processing (original name of programs)). the other colleges were Brunswick Junior College (now Coastal Georgia Community College), Swainsboro Technical College, Athens Technical College and Heart of Georgia Technical College.

I will be finding a place to stay there soon, but will be in Swainsboro normally on the weekends, although I can end up anywhere on a weekend. I plan to only take a few essentials with me so those who have helped me move in past and may help me this time basically all I am taking is sofa, bed, a dresser, TV, dining table and chairs and some dishes, pans and some clothes but will keep the warmer ones there as it is colder there than anywhere I have been. I will start with laptop for computer, but may buy another for using soon. I will continue to be involved in organizations in the various communities, serve as Georgia Kiwanis technology chair, be involved in church, do the church web sites and e-mail bulletins, web work for IBBGCM, Arts Council, etc. If Hatcher takes the Georgia Southern Eagles to NCAA championship as he says he will, I have the idea location now as I will be living in the area of the game. So hopefully the second Friday night in December each year I will be in the stadium in Chattanooga cheering on GSU and have a short drive home. By the way Winthrop is almost ready to crack the top 25 and may be a surprise in the NCAA in basketball next month.

If you are in that area some time plan to drop in and see me. I will later send out my address and phone number for there but will still have my current cell # and e-mail address.

It has been an interesting time without a fulltime job. I have worked on web pages (learned PHP and MySQL in the process that fits in new job), lots of PC repair, learned a lot more on spyware and virus removal, networks, and IT consultant. I have taught for several colleges in different environments - Peirce College (purely taught online), Southern Wesleyan University (Christian college and did prayer and devotion to open class), Savannah River College and Aiken Technical College. I did get some opportunity to travel (and plan to do much more in the future) to places like Hawaii (strange when i went to go just 2 days after losing job), Arizona to see my aunt and had fun on drive out and back), recently skiing (doing once or twice a year for 30 years), helping a friend move a 1956 Willys jeep from NC mountains to Charleston SC, and trips to DC area and other short trips. Had a chance to see more of Georgia and find some old friends on interview trips. (35000+ miles per year on car) And just in last week I have taken back up an activity I had not done in 30 years which is bicycling as I bought a bicycle (21 speed) and am enjoying longer rides and hope to ride on some long rides with friends this spring and summer. I have had more opportunities to speak at church and to develop the video system there.

I appreciate everyone's support in this process and the prayers and thoughts of everyone. I was never bored during process and God provided opportunities when i did begin getting down.



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