Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #134 12/22/2006

#134 – Canaries in the Woods? (Watt Thoughts)

Recently I have been noticing more often as I travel through Georgia random dead trees. Most of these are full growth pine trees.

Are these trees serving as canaries in the woods to warn us of something? Or are they just random deaths that have no system or meaning to them?

Just as a canary in the coal mine warns of oxygen levels declining, are these a warning?

It may be just the life cycle, or as a result of the draught type conditions that have occurred in recent years. Or is it a warning of changing environmental conditions that may have an impact on humans?

I am sure some will jump in immediately that Global Warming is causing this. Lots of questions exist on Global Warming such as whether natural, man-made, or a normal trend from the sun. Obviously the earth has had hot and cold cycles in the past and obviously man has had an affect at times and was not around at others. Current fear is warming and CO2, whereas 30 years ago it was a cold trend and CO2 was considered more OK versus other pollutants as CO2 is consumed by plants to make oxygen and animals consume oxygen to make CO2. OI remember the play by Thornton Wilder “By the Skin of our Teeth” playing this up.

Fear was the other type pollutants and objects in the air and we have made great progress in the last 30+ years in controlling these in the USA. We still have lots more progress to make. Travel to thirds world countries (including China) and you will see the difference. When I visited China in 2005 their air was distinctly dirty (pollution and dirt) and had a strong resemblance to the USA in the 1960s. I had to go to doctor there for respiratory infection problems and seldom here. Half the group I was with had to also. I heard people from other groups calling it the china hack. The world has a long way to go on cleaning up the air and in many third world countries the progress has not begun to cleaner but just getting worse. I actually saw a proposal recently to pump Sulfur Dioxide (what we cleaned up so much from 1960s) in the atmosphere to lower the earth’s temperature. However sulfur dioxide has more medical problems for people that CO2.

Are the dead trees just natural of no meaning or are they trying to warn us so that we can save ourselves? Just thoughts to think about.



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