Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #133 11/20/2006

#133 - Users not doing text messaging on Verizon Wireless billed

This is a note for those of you who have Verizon Wireless and do not use text messaging. Those of you that do use text messaging can ignore the rest of the e-mail.

I do not use text messaging and have a Verizon wireless account. This month I received on my bill for two text messages received. I have not viewed text messages or sent them. I did not even know text messaging would work on my phone. When I contacted Verizon Wireless they said hey could block all text messaging on my phone (for free). I now have text messaging blocked on my phone. Luckily it was only two messages so not an amount of consequence, but if someone had sent me 100 messages it would have been significant. If you are not going to use text messaging and are on Verizon Wireless I suggest you call them and tell them to block this. I understand there are spam text messages just as there is spam e-mail and this could cost you.

If you have other providers and do not want text messaging, you may want to check with them. I realize for some text messaging is as important to them as e-mail and phone calls are to me, so this is not any attempt to control or change text messaging, just so those who do not use it do not get billed per text message that they never wanted or saw. My phone is more of a car phone and used to talk with clients and friends and as emergency (original purpose) and I know a number of others who have cell phone for emergency only, and text messaging and pictures are not in your plans for that phone.



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