Dwight Watt - Watt Thoughts #132 9/20/2006

#132 - Causeway Error Fix

This is the solution to an error that I never found the solution on the Internet. Found several other solutions that did not work and then I stumbled on answer. I was trying to move a person's material from an older IDE drive to a much bigger new SATA drive on a new computer. I was using Partition Magic and kept getting a causeway error. The Symantec site has an answer that is old that says they are aware of error and are hunting for answer and will post when determined.

The old drive was FAT 32 file system and I was initially moving to FAT 32 on new drive upgrading operating system then to XP and then convert drive to NTFS. On trying to copy from FAT 32 to FAT 32 but different size drives and large new drive , smaller partition made no difference, the physical size was the problem with FAT32. I was running off boot diskettes created with Partition Magic that contained Partition Magic. They had Windows 98 on old system so was not able to use NTFS

Solution was to use the SYS command to update the system files on the diskettes. Partition Magic was not using MS-DOS to create and as DOS on the diskettes, but the problem appears with PCDOS (IBM version of DOS), FreeDOS and DR-DOS as they apparently have a problem at times with FAT32 file systems and when they do they generate a Causeway error, that tells you nothing else. After using SYS command to diskette, thereby changing operating system to MS-DOS version associated with the Windows version you are using, the error disappeared and i was able to partition and copy the disk from IDE to SATA with no problem.

FreeDOS I know does work with a variety of files systems in a different situation, using SPINRITE, but a problem some how for three with large drives and FAT32.



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