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#113 - Be careful what you ask for (Watt Thoughts)

During the 1970s, 80s and 90s it was popular among many Christians to be concerned with many short-handing Christmas to Xmas. That is no longer a concern often expressed and Xmas is not used much anymore. The concern many expresses was that we needed to put the reason for the season back in or we needed to put Christ back in.

The holiday season in December really covers 5 different holidays at least, being celebrated. Throughout the first two-thirds of the twentieth century in the United States of America it was primarily a Christian holiday for Christmas and New Yearís Day.

In the USA today it is still most largely a Christian holiday for Christmas for celebrating Jesusí birth. However we also celebrate the New Year, mainly a non-religious holiday (and remember holiday comes from Holy Day). It is also the time of Hanukkah fro the Jewish people, There is also the Kwanza celebration that is not a religious or historical celebration but a celebration created for African-Americans or Blacks during the 1960s.

Lastly we must not forget what this holiday season was originally created for and that is to celebrate the winter solstice or the shortest day or the year in the northern hemisphere, and the beginning of winter. This is still a holiday to some people. The early Christians took this day o festivities to earth gods or to the earth and chose to celebrate Christís birth

We really do not know Christís birthday, but have chosen December 25 to celebrate it. You will find people in the world today in similar circumstances. They either do not know their real birthday or choose to celebrate it differently. Many a person born close to December 25 celebrates on a different day. Those born on February 29 choose a different date 3 out of 4 years.

Now many are concerned that Christ is no longer emphasized in the December holidays and that it is only mentioned as holidays or a season and not anything resembling Christmas. We are a nation that does not have the government require a certain religion, but was built upon Christian principles. Those that are Christians should be welcome sing Christian songs, set up manager scenes, etc. Those that are Jewish should be welcome to set up menorahs, sing songs of Hanukkah, light the lights, etc. Those of other beliefs or non-beliefs should be welcome to celebrate openly. Those that do not believe in celebrating should be allowed to not celebrate but should not stop others from celebrating. (A sports fan should be allowed to celebrate victories as long as it is not destroying stuff, whether you like that sport or not). We should not ban any part, but be open to more parts. If a city sets up a manger scene and Jewish residents (note that it is beliefs of others and that they actually reside there) request a menorah, add it, or be open to other groups also.

As a closing note to all. Be careful what you ask for, what you get may not be what you assumed you would get. Some Christians asked the reason be put back in the season forgetting where the season came from, and that it represents many things. It happened and now the reason is there for Christians, Jews, African descendents in America, and pagans.


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