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Watt Thoughts #112 The Election 11/1/2004

Watt Thoughts #112 - The Election(Watt Thoughts)

As we prepare to formally hold our election on November 2, 204, several observations.

The first observation is we have radically changed the system this year. Although everyone is campaigning actively through Monday night the estimates are 10-20% of the voters have already voted. So all the October surprises have not impacted a large amount of electorate such as bin Ladan's tape threatening states that vote for Bush (just remember that New York and DC went for Gore and got attacked on 9/11, well the Pentagon is in Virginia but most consider it in DC and other plane was headed for White House or Capitol.), and the arms missing in Iraq question.

Second observation is that i hope the election is clear enough that we do not bog down in courts for a month or two but Tuesday night we know winner. Who ever loses has fought a good fight, but now time to re-unite like in 9/12 and join in leading us to new heights. We will not have a perfect election ever, mistakes will occur but people need to vote. Afghanistan I believe is a good example of how losers accepted the outcome in a less than perfect election last month.

Third observation is that everyone needs to obey law and vote in ways law requires. You must vote where you are registered, campaigning not allowed in spots, poll workers should assist you but not cause you to vote in a certain way, poll watchers should do that not be helping voters, and we should be intelligent Americans and be able to mark ballot or touch screen or turn knob. Also realize that many choose not to vote in all election races.

Fourth observation is that no matter who we elect as president they will be limited in what they do by who elect to congress and the senate. Kerry still has a say after Tuesday win or lose since if he wins he will be president, but if he loses he will be one of 100 United States Senators who pass laws.

If you are going to complain about what elected leaders do, then you need to have helped choose and thereby voted.

Vote and make your contribution. The one drop of water in the bucket may say it makes no difference, but a bunch of drops fills the bucket.


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