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#109 -­ 2004 Campaigns, 527s and what is the plan? (Watt Thoughts)

#109 ­ 2004 Campaigns, 527s and what is the plan? (Watt Thoughts) 8/30/2004

Bush vs Kerry vs Nader. What would each do if elected? Who is who taking votes from? I suspect nadir is taking votes from both sides as he is offering something different. Do they walk their talk? Nader has caught my attention in that he claims cars unsafe from 60s and he has not owned (or driven I hear) one in that time. Does their wallet show the same beliefs they claim. (I personally think that often your checkbook shows what you believe).

We have heard the issue of Viet Nam continuously. Back during that war I remember hearing students on both sides saying it would be different when they got in power. But many doubted those not serving could. We have heard stuff on both Kerry and Bush. The war ended almost 30 years ago. Both served. Neither fled to Canada, England, did conscientious objector service, or went to jail. The National Guard is serving in the armed forces and you can be sent to the front lines, witness the current Iraq War where may are members of National Guard, and it is a former member of the Guard who sent them. Questions arise on what Bush in his time in military and on Kerry on what he did while serving in Viet Nam. Both served. There have also been misquotes on people. Is Kerry being quoted out of context on his Senate testimony. What was he discussing art the point the quotes come from. Did he say they did it, or did he say others told him they did it? It is different in the two drastically.

We have heard of criticisms of Kerry and Bush on changes in policies; however I have heard no one charge Nader with this. I hope our leaders know when to stand (not change to public opinion) and when to change (witness Nixon in China).

The issue if terror is in our thoughts hourly now often (it has always been here). How will we deal with this terror threatening us today? What does each plan to do? Will it be the War on Terror and will we pursue it? Or what can we do to get people to see the world and all of us as good and not evil Peace Corps, private peace promoting, missionaries, etc. There is a third option and that is the apoplectic approach that it makes no difference what we do it is getting worse and Armageddon is around the corner if not already on our street. My personal approach is let’s work to make the world better, if we can catch the terrorists with out fighting that is good and if we have to fight for what we believe in. Yes there will be that final battle between good and evil, but I believe God wants us to work to make things better. I believe he did not intend for the fall of Adam and had planned for us to live in close harmony with him.

The 527s came about as a result of the McCain Feingold campaign law last year to eliminate money form the federal campaigns. Each time congress has said they have eliminated money from politics and the corruption of it (most people’s biggest concern), a new way appears. The PACs grew in the 70s out of the Watergate reforms. Now the 527s have appeared.

Either we need to 1.) view the 527s as independent, as they are legally, and let them be (Bush not tell Kerry to stop ACT and Move-On and Kerry not tell Bush to stop Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, or 2.) control them and block SBVT, ACT Move-On, etc or 3.) lets give Americans back the freedom as individuals to give their opinions at anytime. Yes some rich may be able to this by themselves, or Americans band together to do it. Soros is still doing it basically by himself after Watergate reforms, McCain-Feingold, and others like him will always find a way.

This election could come down to what will the candidates do and what that action is best for our nation. I hear them not telling us this, but instead what is wrong with other guy. This may lead many (left, middle, right) to vote for Nader for something different. Candidates be positive.

I want to hear the ad “I am ________ and I plan to do ___________ and I approve this message.” Positive, accountable, may win in surprise. Don't tell me why the other person is wrong, but why you are the right person and what you will do.


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