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#108 - Windows XP SP2 (Watt Thoughts)

#108 - Windows XP SP2 (Watt Thoughts) 8/30/2004

I installed Service Pack 2 on my home computer running Windows XP Pro. Several observations

1. It definitely wants to set security settings tighter, set firewall on, and that you have anti-virus.

2. It is large and Microsoft is apparently overwhelmed with demand or did not plan on demand for downloads. I tried thru weekend, and Microsoft kept saying busy try later even at 2 AM Sunday morning. However apparently computer people are church goers as at 8 am Sunday morning suddenly I could download it or geeks take their nap then.

3. It does block pop-up ads on web pages and allows option to view those pop-ups.

4. Problem and solution on pop-ups. If you are like me and check work e-mail from home using a webmail client to Exchange and Outlook, it will not let you respond to those messages as it sees the response as a pop-up so respond message box never appears. Solution turned out to be simple and only opened those pop-ups blocking all others still. In Internet Explorer click Tools, then Pop-Up Blocker, then choose Always allow Pop-Ups from this site assuming you have your webmail page currently displayed. Otherwise choose as last item Pop-up Blocker Settings and then click Add and insert the domain name of website you will permit (in my case it was www.hgtc.org). Then the e-mail works and you are still blocking all the other ads.

5. The Pop-up Blocker appears to be like using Tivo to watch TV. I suspect advertisers and sites will figure a new way around to get the advertising money, but lets enjoy the non irritation of pop-ups while we can. The other ads are still there and i don't mind them as they are like in paper or magazine not coming between my eyes and the story's print.

From my experience so far I would recommend installing Service Pack 2 on Windows XP if that is your operating system.


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