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#105 - The G-8 in Georgia (Watt Thoughts)

#105 - The G-8 in Georgia (Watt Thoughts) 6/7/2004

Driving to work this morning it was obvious something is happening nearby. Over the past few years I-16 has gotten busier with lots of tourist traffic and container trucks bound to and from the terminals at Savannah. The volume of traffic is nothing at all compared to I-285, I-495 or I-95 but steady traffic. Back in the 80s it was locally known as the world's longest driveway, connecting I-75 to the beaches.

Today on the way to work it was a much lonelier road like in the 80s and the container trucks were nowhere to be seen. Obviously the security setups on the coast are in effect and that ships are not coming are going from Savannah and Brunswick. It was strange, but a calm and peaceful ride.

Being over 100 miles from the coast I don't expect we will see the protestors here or the world leaders. However at least one hotel by the Interstate has out a sign saying "Welcome G-8 refugees" and I expect they will do some business with locals from the coast fleeing to here, as we are also a hurricane evacuation center so our hotels fill up at those times.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes as well on the Interstate with this big meeting drawing world leaders, world press and protestors of all kinds and flavors. Whether they are for or against something there is probably a group protesting on the coast.

May your week be as peaceful as mine has started and all these meetings go well and we move closer to a more peaceful world.


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