Dwight Watt Internet Article #103 part 2

#103 part 2 Stopping pop-ups in Windows 9X (Watt Thoughts)

#103 part 2 Stopping pop-ups in Windows 9X

The initial part of this article dealt with how to stop the pop up ads that appear on your computer and that the Windows messenger service is allowing them. This is not the pop-up ads that come thru your browser. The ads I am showing you how to block are very close to many of the spam messages you receive in e-mail.

In part one I showed how to stop them in Windows 2000/XP/2003. In this part I will show you how to disable the messenger service and stop them in Windows 9X (95/98/98SE/ME). The service is called WinPopUp in Windows 9X which more accurately describes what is happening to most of you than the title messenger service.

To disable the WinPopUp or messenger service, do the following steps
* Open the Control Panel
* Open Add/Remove Programs
* Click on the Windows Setup tab
* Click System Tools (not the box beside it)
* Click the Details button at the bottom of the Add/Remove Programs window
* Uncheck the box beside WinPopUp (at the bottom of list)
* Click OK
* Click OK

This will stop the pop-up ads in Windows 9X that are irritating many of you when you are connected the Internet. You can use one of the pop-up ad blockers to stop the pop-ups in your browser, however be warned that this may disable your full use of your e-mail program or some other programs used thru your browser.


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