Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article

May 2008

Website upgrades

By the time you are reading this, the district website should have a new look.

The main page is changing, some of this occurred earlier in year, to the lighter blue Kiwanis uses now, to including pictures that rotate on the main page and the listing of events that are clickable will be plainer.

You will now see a map that shows the meeting locations of the clubs in our district. There is a balloon pointing to each. Clicking on the balloon will give you the name of the club and when and where it meets. If I am going to Baxley next week I donít have to search for Baxley and find the club and if it happens to be another name or none in that town (there is ) hunt to find a nearby in an alphabetical listing. When I moved to NW Georgia last year it was hard finding a new club with that restraint. The alphabetical listing will still be on the website where it has been, and the directory will continue to be available.

This should also make it easy for prospects to find us as it does not just give name, place and time but clicking again will zoom in map and you can see map to exact location. Prospects and others that we want to realize how well we cover Georgia will get a graphic view with the balloons everywhere. This should help in selling sponsorships and convincing larger organizations to get their employees to join us.

I do need your help though to get this to work really great. There are some club meeting locations we only have the name of place but not the street address. This map cannot show the exact location with out a street address. If your club meeting location in the directory does not have a street address (preferably number and street name and not at main and green) then e0-mail me the information at dwight@dwiughtwatt.com

In creating this new map (which uses Google Maps) I created a database in MySQL which will hold all the club information. When I get word of a change, I will change in data base and it will change on the map and in the alphabetical list automatically.

Remember we do have a page to show about club activities (could be past or upcoming). I need information sent to me to post, including a picture or two.


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