Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article

March 2007

Notes from your Technology Chair

I encourage each of you to sign up for the new Discussion Board we have set up for the Georgia District. This is a way for us to share information that we would like others in the district to know. However for this to work it will requite a number of people signing up and using it. You can control how often you receive messages whether as they are sent out or as a bundle once a day. It is monitored which means all messages must be approved by me before they go to members. For instance Joe sends a message to Discussion Board. It will not actually go out to members until I click approval. This will keep the junk out. The Discussion Board is free.

The Discussion Board is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gakiwanis/ You will have to setup an account at Yahoo if you do not already have one to become a member of the group. When you set up the account you will indicate whatever e-mail address you want the discussion groups e-mails to be sent to. It does not have to be a Yahoo e-mail address. For instance I use my dwight-watt@att.net e-mail address on the Yahoo groups I belong to. You will also choose if you want to receive e-mails from Group/Board separately or in a digest form daily (just one e-mail containing all messages sent that day). This can be changed as necessary later. Messages can also be read at the Discussion board’s address above without being a member, but to reply requires membership.

Reminder about the web page competition. All clubs that have web pages listed on the Georgia District page (www.gakiwanis.org) will automatically be entered. If your club has a web page and is not listed send the name of your club and the url for the web page to me at dwight-watt@att.net to get it listed.

The rules will be same as last year. The rules for the competition are:
1.< >< >< > Link to Georgia District web site
2.< >< >< > Link to International web site
3.< >< >< > Information on officers
4.< >< >< > Projects - planned and completed.
5.< >< >< > Meeting times and locations
6.< >< >< > Usability of web site
7.< >< >< > Contact information.  How to contact an officer (phone or email), although not all need to be listed as some may not want phone or e-mail listed, but someone to contact if interested.
8.< >< >< > Pictures
9.< >< >< > Support of youth organizations
10.< >< > Easiness of navigation for website and all parts working
11.< >< > Friendliness of website.
12.< >< > Currentness of site

Use your methods of communication to improve your club and the district and enjoy all the benefits of membership.


Copyright 2007 by Dwight Watt