Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article

February 2008

Technology update

You should be hearing now the warnings about TV stations will change to HDTV. This to occur by February 17, 2009, or in less than a year.

There are fears being spread that your TV will no longer work if you donít have a HDTV and that most CRT screens will be useless.

First, the broadcasts on the old frequencies will end by February 17, 2009. The TV stations have been switching over to the new equipment for a number of years. The implementation date has been moved back several times to give both the stations and the consumers time to comply. Basically the stations will all use new frequencies more efficiently and better quality and free the old frequencies for other purposes such as enhanced cell phones. The stations had to spend lots of money for new equipment from the items in the station to the items on the antenna tower. In 2003 I saw the new equipment after it was installed in one station in Savannah. The quality of the pictures and sound you receive with HDTCV will be enhanced.

Are all the TVs that are not HDTV just large paperweights after February 19? No. In most cases your non-HDTV will continue to work fine for you.

Those that get their signal by satellite or cable will continue to use either set with no problem or modification. Studies say over 70% of Americans are on cable a couple years ago, and I expect that number with satellite is much closer to 100 now,

If you do get the over the air signal (basically still use rabbit ears or a large outdoor antenna), you will not be able to receive the TV signals any longer with a modification. There will be converter boxes sold (should already be available, however I have not seen them, but then I have cable at both my places so I donít need) that are supposed to be less than $100. With the box you will continue to use your old TV.

If you have a flat screen or other TVs from last couple years then what I just wrote about does not apply to you, but you can let others who do know that the TV they have now will not be a big paperweight/doorstop but it will either work as is or with a converter box.

HDTV promises to move us to the next level of quality ion our TV pictures from when we moved to UHF and color in the late 60s and early 70s and moved to cable in the 80s. Donít let the new technology scare you , but this did take a chunk out of your TV stations wallet.

Continue to create and develop your web pages and keep it as a current face of ours on the Internet. New members and ideas come from lots of places.


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