Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article

April 2007

Notes from your Technology Chair

First the really good news. I am full-time employed again. I am now teaching Database and other CIS courses at Northwestern Technical College in Rock Spring GA. The information in the manual is still correct for me, except use my cell number to contact me during the week (478-494-3095). My e-mail address is still dwight-watt@att.net and I am on Internet daily during the week.

Windows Vista is continuing to get mixed reviews. I continue to hold the opinion that I would suggest slowly adopting it and test first that all your programs will work on it. They claim it is a much more secure product, but there have been a number of security holes exposed and Microsoft has released a number of security patches. My plans are to wait until Service Pack 1 is released before considering upgrading. It still looks much easier for new computer/Windows users.

Office 2007 is getting some adoption and looks like a good product with improvements. However I would suggest looking at the improvements and see if they benefit you before upgrading. The major caveat to be aware if is that if documents you save in 2007 are going to be used by people using previous versions of Office, you need to save in Office XP or prior format. The documents are saved in a totally different format in 2007. However the new format may be easier for competing products to use.

Help me with the Georgia Kiwanis web site. I need clubs to send me pictures of events so I can post them and also events that they would like other clubs and/or pblic to attend so I can post on the Events page. Just e-mail me the pictures and the information or just information and I will get it on the web site.


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