Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article

September 2005

Winners and More Information About Spyware

The website winners are:

Gold - Macon
Silver - Peachtree City
Orange - Albany Golden K
Blue - Northlake
White - No Page entered
Division - 23

We had 14 clubs entered this year and two divisions. Hopefully more will enter next year. The rules in 2005 were:
The scoring was based on the following about the website:

1. Link to Georgia District web site
2. Link to International web site
3. Information on officers
4. Projects - planned and completed.
5. Meeting times and locations
6. Usability of web site
7. Contact information. How to contact an officer (phone or email), although not all need to be listed as some may not want phone or e-mail listed, but someone to contact if interested.
8. Pictures
9. Support of youth organizations
10. easiness of navigation for website and all parts working
11. Friendliness of website.
12. Currentness of site.

In addition to the tools I have brought to the attention of members before, there are two tools that I have found helpful recently in fighting spyware.

The first is that TrendMicro (formerly Intermute) now has an online tool for personal use that will scan and clean spyware. It does a real good job presently and is free. however the prompts are not real friendly. When you load it at http://www.trendmicro.com/spyware-scan/ you will finally chose scan. It will take some time to scan your machine. You will click SCAN RESULTS when it is finished, and then CLEAN button will appear. To start it you use the SCAN button.

The second is a program that will remove some nasty versions of spyware that nothing else works on. If you get a trojan or other spyware you keep being told about but your programs can't get rid of it, try Ad Away. It requires you to choose each of 4 different types of spyware and then you will scan and then look at results and see what was found. those that were found you will choose the type and choose to clean it. This is more time consuming and labor intensive than the other programs but if nothing else works try it. This is available at www.download.com