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November 2006

The World is Changing

We are probably at one of the large junctions in IT again at this time. In the past I see those spots as the late 1970s when PCs including Apple computers appeared. 1982 was another point as the IBM PC went major production and world then shifted to it and MS-DOS and left CPM behind. The appearance of Windows 3.0 around 1989 changed how we worked with computers. 1995 brought Windows 95 and Web browsers to the front with everyone then joining the Internet.

Now it is 2006-2007 and it appears we may be at a major shift again. Windows Vista appears between November and February (assuming no last minute delays) and IE 7 appeared the end of October and Foxfire 2 appeared. All offer new appearances and ways to do stuff. Also Microsoft as of late October is cracking down hard on piracy with these new products which will impact the money spending legitimate consumers along with pirates.

We will see how this continues. Foxfire also released version 2 of their browser which really looks slick. More people may seriously look at LINUX and Foxfire and others with all the updates appearing and changes.

The web page contest will be held again this year. All web site with links on the Georgia Kiwanis web page will be included in the competition as of June 30, 2007.

The rules will be same as last year. The rules for the competition are:

  1. Link to Georgia District web site
  2. Link to International web site
  3. Information on officers
  4. Projects - planned and completed.
  5. Meeting times and locations
  6. Usability of web site
  7. Contact information.  How to contact an officer (phone or email), although not all need to be listed as some may not want phone or e-mail listed, but someone to contact if interested.
  8. Pictures
  9. Support of youth organizations
  10. Easiness of navigation for website and all parts working
  11. Friendliness of website.
  12. Currentness of site.

The winners for 2006 were
Gold - Macon
Silver - Cornelia
Blue - Duluth
Orange - Historic Roswell
White – East Cobb
Division - 23

I added a new area on the District Web Page call Club Event under the Events menu. I would like to put events here that clubs are having that other club’s members may be interested in or the public. Please send me announcements for you r major events for me to post here. Please do not send a couple days ahead, but send a few weeks in advance as there may be a delay of several days in me posting. This could be an aid in recruiting as a prospect may be looking for what you do and may want to participate in event and you can recruit them


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