Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article

November 2004

Buying a new computer

It is the Christmas season and many are looking to buy a new computer for themselves or for someone else. What do you get? This month I have some suggestions.

If you already have a computer and it does what you want then there is no reason to get a new one. Older computers work well quite often for just doing word processing, e-mail and internet uses.

If you do want a new computer or for someone else here are my basic suggestions. These are for the average user, not the PC gamer, graphic artist or other high end users.


You can find excellent brand-name and store-brand computers at good prices if you shop. Look for 6-12 month old technology to get best deals. Whether brand-name or store-brand most computers same inside.

Optional items


Once you get the computer and you now need to know how to use it I would suggest you contact your local technical college. They offer training both in credit classes and continuing education classes for everyone from no experience to experts. In addition check out any colleges or universities in your area.