Dwight Watt Georgia Kiwanian Article August 2004

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

As you do web pages and send e-mail it is important to do the little details. Without these details your web site may not be used like you want or your e-mail read.

As you do your web page whether a Kiwanis club site, a personal site or a business site you need to make sure you cover several items. First make sure that your organization (or you for a personal web page) is clearly identified. If you are using a temple make sure you fill in everywhere it says “your club name goes here” with your club name. I just judged a web page competition and it was amazing the number of clubs named “your club name goes here”. Also make sure the heading for your page has the right name on it.

If this is a club web page make sure it is clear and easily findable when and where your club meets. Try to define this so someone out of your community understands also. Joe’s clubhouse may make sense to everyone in your community, but can a guest from out of town or a newcomer find your meeting?

Clearly put on your page somewhere a link to contact at least the webmaster for the page and preferably a club official also. Your page may raise questions you had not thought of so provide a way for them to get answers. The link to the webmaster is important so that when errors occur on the page (and they will) that the user can point these out to the webmaster.

E-mails it is important to clearly show your name and subject. In this age of spam, we all delete bunches of messages with out looking at the. To make sure your message is read clearly identify in the subject line what this is related to and what is reason for e-mail. For years hi worked in the subject line, but unless it is a person you regularly write, your message will probably be trashed. If you are writing in relation to the Kiwanis, put Kiwanis as the first word. If it is the newsletter article then put newsletter article. If it was to me to tell me to make a change on the district web site, I would suggest a subject line of GA Kiwanis – web site. It is clear to me it is not junk or spam e-mail. I trash close to 60 messages a day after my spam filters already have trashed a bunch of mail. I hear I get less spam and junk than some, but more than others.

If we stay efficient, make sure we cover who, what, where and why web pages and e-mail can be effective communication tools.